Saturday, February 17, 2007

Good news

Good news on my favorite blog subjects. First, Last Train Home has a new cd, which I have ordered. I will post a review once I have received it and listened to it. Since Eric Brace (leader of the band) has actually posted a comment on this blog, I'll make sure its a good review. It won't be difficult, I'm sure I'll like it. If you want to truly support the arts, click on the Last Train Home link and order the cd. Music is an incredibly tough business and there are so many talented people out there who deserve our support. So while its fine to buy that Taylor Hicks cd, how about also buying one from someone just as talented but not so famous? They're playing in Arlington this weekend at the Iota Club, a venue I have never been at. Unfortunately, I'm playing single dad while my wife is off to a quilting retreat, so I can't go. Unless, I attempt the all ages Sunday matinee. Hmmm, maybe.

Also, I received my ticket invoice from the Washington Wizards for next year, and once again, my season tickets for upper level, center court tickets will be just $15 a game. The face value on them is $48. I certainly would never buy season tickets at $48 a game and am not sure how many individual games I would buy at that price. Each year we fear that the other shoe is going to drop. So far, it hasn't. $15 is an incredible bargain. This is especially enhanced by the fact that the time has been very entertaining for 3 years now.
And yes, a season ticket is a lot of games, but my ticket partner and I keep about half of the games and sell the rest. At $15, its quite easy to sell them. So if you're the least bit interested in Wizards hoops, think about it. Get a group of friends to share 2 seats. The funny thing is, once you buy a full season plan, you're in the club. My friend and I both marvel at the fact that our ticket agents fawn over us like big spenders even though we're just spending $15 a game.

Sitting here, I just picked up my autistic son's palm pilot and attempted to play a game. I've no clue what to do. He has limited communication skills, yet somehow figures out how to play all of these computer games. Amazing.

Have a good holiday weekend!

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