Saturday, March 17, 2007


I've actually finished a book for the first time in about a month. Just read Laura Lippman's "No Good Deeds", which is her 9th Tess Monaghan novel. I've read them all. Tess is a former reporter turned private detective in Baltimore. She's a native Baltimorean which I assume that Ms. Lippman is also. Lots of inside stuff, neighborhood names, restaurants to try someday. The only one she mentions that I've actually visited is the Charleston. Anyway, her books are nice, quick reads. Tess is a likeable heroine with the right combination of toughness and vulnerability. Her boyfriend Crow plays a major role in this one. He is likeable in this one as opposed to being a little too precious and wide-eyed as he has been in other books. There's a logic flaw in this one that bothers me a little, but still I've gotta say that I liked it.
If you like detective/suspense novels and you like a little local flavor, check out a Laura Lippmann book.

On another note, I've been watching the NCAA's this weekend and have heard the phrase "Are you kidding me?" 1274 times so far. 1273 of those times I wasn't kidding them, but I was kidding that once.

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