Thursday, March 8, 2007

My upcoming weekend

Well, unfortunately it looks like I can't attend the Billy Price Band show at the Birchmere since the sitter situation couldn't get worked out. Billy Price Band is my favorite live act and I try to see them whenever I can. They play a very "hot" show and the horn section rocks. Plus Billy Price is a fabulous performer (my opinion). First saw him in 1980 and I remembered the show 20 years later.
However, I do get to golf! First time this spring. Heading over to play Greendale in Virginia on Saturday. Then a long drive on Sunday to take my son to a special olympics basketball skills competition in St. Mary's County. I don't think its a big deal for him and its a pain for me, but I think the counselors would be disappointed. I'm so grateful for all of the kind counselors and special ed teachers and our former daycare provider Miss Kelly for their work and generosity, that I would hate to let them down. There are many nice people out there and I am grateful to all of those who have worked with Kevin. So I'll be visiting St. Marys Coundy.

I will definitely report on my golf game.

Billy Price Band - You Left the Water Running
East End Avenue

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