Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol Report, April 25

American Idol Report, April 24

Well I take a week off and Sanjaya gets the boot. Coincidence? I think not! What further evidence is needed that he was my personal nightmare? When they thought I was gone, they decided it was ok to let him go.
Can’t wait to see him on the Idol tour this summer though.

This week is inspiration week. Idol is giving back. Its wonderful that here in America we can give back and feel good about ourselves merely by watching tv and making phone calls. Now if they just could have added incentives for drinking cokes and eating chips.

This week – overall it was kind of bland. Mostly sappy songs in a style that I dislike. Now that it is down to 6, the standards are higher.

Chris Richardson – Change the World by Eric Clapton.
His voice is just so weak! Performance wise, he’s ok, but he is not a strong singer and singing is the major component of this contest. This should be adios for Chris.
Rating: fair –

Melinda Doolittle – some sappy ballad by Faith Hill
I don’t know why Melinda has gotten on my nerves so much. Her performance is “professional”. She doesn’t really connect with me vocally. She does have a good voice and she is trained, but something about her leaves me cold. I dislike this sappy style, but Melinda does it as well as anyone. Rating: good

Blake Lewis – Imagine by John Lennon
There are 2 opposing forces here. On the plus side, the beloved nature of the song urges people to like it. On the minus side, its not that tough a song to sing. It doesn’t offer any major vocal sections for the singer to really shine. Driving to work listening to the radio, I discovered a third factor that I hadn’t thought of. All of the living in the ‘60s musically inclined people, and they’re everywhere, are appalled that Blake had the audacity to pick a song by the sainted John Lennon. So there’s some major backlash going on today. Anyway, Blake was ok, not great. His strengths are his performing skills and he didn’t get to use any of them. He needs something more up tempo. Rating: fair

Lakisha Jones – I Believe by Fantasia
Unfortunately, Lakisha seems to be going backwards. She hasn’t adapted very well to the changing styles. Early on, she hits some bad notes on the soft parts. She belts out the big parts as well as anyone, but hasn’t put together a completely excellent performance for quite awhile. Plus, she never shows a lighter side of her personality and that is very important at this stage. Rating: fair

Phil Stacey – Change by Garth Brooks
Phil definitely has the best and best trained voice of the remaining guys. He has a good solid voice that holds the notes well. Like all of the other songs tonight, I don’t like the sappy nature of the lyrics and arrangement. Phil does fine with it though. He seems to be getting increasingly comfortable on stage. He has helped himself greatly over the past 2 weeks. Rating: good

Jordin Sparks – You’ll Never Walk Alone
Given her age, Jordin can pull off a sappy ballad better than the rest. She still has that youthful optimism, so her singing seems sincere rather than cynical. And what singing! She does an excellent job. Easily the best of the night. She has strung together a series of excellent performances and is number one by far, at this point. Rating: excellent


Jordin – by far
Melinda – hate to rate her this high, but her competition has slipped.
Phil – big move up for Phil.
Blake – better do something good next week.
Lakisha – Come on, Kiki. You can do it.

Who should go home: Chris
Who will go home: Chris

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