Wednesday, April 4, 2007

American Idol Report, April 3

Overall, decent not great show. I think that they definitely do better with the “classics” as opposed to recent hits. The songs and big band arrangements offer a better showcase for their vocals.

Blake – Mack the Knife pretty good job. Once again, his performance is better than his vocals. I like his dance moves here. Rating: good
Melinda – I’ve Got Rhythm, She does it again. Tony Bennett compliments her and she gives that “I can’t believe you’re complimenting little old me” look. Her performance is ok, her singing good. But she looks very odd tonight. Rating: good
Phil – Night and Day- I thought he was better than the judges gave him credit for. I though he did a good job of singing it. He does have a decent voice. For singing only, he’s the best of the remaining guys. But I think after tonight, the adjective “remaining” will no longer apply to Phil. Rating: fair+
Chris – I thought Chris’ voice was a little weak, but on watching it over again, he did a pretty good job. He manages to up his voice at the important parts. Plus he’s a decent performer. Rating: good
Gina – Smile I thought Gina was good tonight. She sang this ballad convincingly and in tune. She does have to worry about her competition, but she has been the most improved since week 1. I think she’s safe for another week or two. Rating: good
Haley – Ain’t Misbehavin’. I thought it was ok. Haley looked good and showed some charisma (another word for skin). I’m not sure why Paula and Randy acted the way they did and offered no judgement. I guess they were ticked that Haley only mentioned Simon when she was asked about being nervous about the judging. Anyway, Haley is getting close to going as far as she can. Rating: fair
Sanjaya – Cheek to Cheek, Honestly there’s nothing left to say. Sanjaya seems to be embracing the clown role, so good for him. Rating: very bad
Jordin – On a Clear Day, I’m not a huge fan of the song, but Jordin sings it well. She’s in tune and her voice is nice. She also can perform. She has the whole package, looks, personality, voice, and performing talent. I think she may go surprisingly far, say like the top 2. rating: good
Lakisha – Stormy Weather, Lakisha does a good job on the song. She did have a couple of rough spots early but improved as the song went on. Interesting, that this is at least the second time where she ignored the advice of the pro. I’m still curious how Lakisha will do with a “lighter” song, something like “Cheek to Cheek”. She reminds me a bit of Chris Daughtrey. She’s re-making every song for each theme into her own style rather than showing that she can sing a different style. So she has to be careful that the audience doesn’t tire of her. rating: good

1. Lakisha
2. Blake
3. Jordin
4. Melinda
5. Gina
6. Chris
7. Phil
8. Haley
9. Who else?

Who should go home: I think we all agree, Sanjaya
Who will go home: Phil, Haley is better looking, so she’ll stay another week.

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