Saturday, April 7, 2007

My backpack

Contents of my backpack, which I dutifully lug from my car to my office every morning and back to my car every afternoon:

2 tickets to Washington Wizards vs. Orlando for April 17
10 pairs of tickets to various Baltimore Orioles games this year. Great seats!
1 pair of headphones
1 orange permanent marker in a plastic sandwich bag
3 small paper binder clips
1 large paper binder clip
1 glasses holder/croakie
1 copy of the April Recreation News newspaper

(work stuff)
printout of Java programs written by me:,
1 record layout for "standard atuf" file format
1 record layout for fdca feature update data

registration form for the Census golf club
monthly planner calendar book for 2007
1 bottle of store brand acetaminophen

The Graverobbers - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (no case)
MySQL database software
Data cd labelled 10I Stuff
Prince - 3121
Billy Price Band - East End Avenue
Kings of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
6-2 (a rapper whose mom is a coworker of mine) Revenge Eye Cry

A golf scorecard from Marlton Country Club, score 59-57 total 116
golf scorecard from Eisenhower Golf Course, score 59-60 total 119

A booklet that contained my Washington Wizards tickets for the season
Ticket confirmation for tickets to Movin' Out musical at National Theater for December 9, 2006. These were a birthday gift to my wife.
Job listing for an IT Specialist, closing date: Oct. 16, 2006
Document describing template for software release notes.
a floppy disk with a label saying "resume".
a paid Cingular bill.
an unlabelled purple floppy disk
A form for Jury Duty for Sept. 14, 2006
An envelope containing flyers for "Sib Shops" a support program for siblings of special needs kids.
a plastic sandwich bag containing 2 golf scorecards, 1 for Greendale golf course, score 57-53 total 110! 1 for Glenn Dale Golf Course score: 54 + 3 blank CDs

1 ipod slip cover
a yellow floppy disk with the label of work stuff
Another sheet of my jury duty summons of Sept. 14
1 Christmas card
1 paid electric bill
2005 monthly planner calendar book
2006 monthly planner calendar book

The book "Java After Hours" by Steven Holzner
1 pamphlet describing "Hiking at The Woods"

photo copy of a check used to pay a speeding ticket from the District of Columbia (photo enforcement, not being pulled over)

1 napkin
1 paper clip
1 packet of simethicone tablets
1 almost full pack of Halls cough drops
1 band aid
1 index card with information about a job interview from last October
1 calculator
18 business cards received from representing my division at a forum last year.

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