Friday, April 6, 2007

Wizards update

Well, I haven't posted about the Wizards for quite awhile now. There's a reason. The second half of the season has been rough for the team and the fans. The team has not been playing nearly as well. They've had issue with injuries but that's not the primary reason for their poor play. Sadly, Gilbert Arenas (agent 0) has not been nearly the player in the second half that he was in the first. I don't know why, but he lost his swag somewhere along the way. At this point, Gilbert and Caron Butler are both out for the season with injuries. This makes the rest of the season and the playoffs moot. However, things were already slipping before the injuries. They were losing to bad teams and just not playing well overall. Its so depressing for me, that I gave my wife my tickets tonight for her to take a friend rather than sit through a losing performance myself.
I did have fun this year. The team does have potential for next year. My seats will still be only $15 a game. So I can't complain too much. Wait til next year!!

I haven't posted about my golf game much either. I've been playing. I've been improving. On my NCAA trip to Texas, I broke 50 for the first time for 9 holes and ended that round with an overall score of 102. Best ever for me. Today, I played in the Good Friday Open with a group of Census coworkers and retirees. I was quite nervous playing with "real" golfers and it showed in my early play. I went into the water twice on one hole with just awful shots and had 2 elevens on the front nine. Fortunately I settled down somewhat and had a decent back 9. Still not as good as I had been doing but much better than the front. On the positive front, I consistently had the longest and straightest drive in my foursome. Hopefully, I can retain that swing and improve on my second and third shots. We'll see. I still think that I may break 100 this year. Great time even though the temp never made it out of the 40s.

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