Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I find myself watching and enjoying reruns of the show "Scrubs" an awful lot. There are 2 episodes on Channel 20 at 6 and 2 more on the Comedy Network at 7. Sometimes I'll watch all four. I've never watched it in its primetime run and even now that I like the show, I still don't watch it on Thursday nights. Probably half the cast has left by now. While I watch, I have no idea of the timing or sequencing. Typically, JD and Elliot have either not started dating or have just broken up or might be thinking about dating again or breaking up again. It could fall anywhere in a 4 year period. One very good bit of casting was in having the actor Tom Cavanaugh who was the title character in the show "Ed" play JD's (Zach Braff) brother on several episodes. They look a lot alike and are totally convincing as brothers. I also like Brendan Fraser's guest run as Dr. Cox's brother in law/best friend who died of leukemia.
The only way I can tell the time of the episode is whether Turk and Carla are married yet or if she's pregnant. I haven't ever caught the episode where she gives birth or any episodes where they have a baby. I enjoy the Dr. Cox character most, with the janitor second. But I like all of them. Lots of sex. I'm a little nervous letting my daughter watch, but she thinks its funny also.

I'm not sure how or why I completely missed it during its primetime run. Anyone have a show like that?

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