Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ticket Stub Tuesday

Today's ticket stubs are a 1995 concert at Wolf Trap Farm Park in Vienna, Va with Bruce Cockburn opening for Shawn Colvin. I don't remember much about it, except I think I was a little disappointed in Bruce Cockburn, whom I liked a lot then. I've seen Shawn Colvin several times, mostly as an opening act. She's fine.

I remember the second event quite clearly. It was my 3rd date with my now wife. It is a game between the Baltimore Orioles and California Angels from July 15, 1989. This was my wife's first date with me that strayed from her movie/dinner comfort zone. It also was the best game I've ever attended. They still occasionally show highlights from it on the big screen at Orioles' games. The game was back and forth throughout. I believe the score heading into the bottom of the ninth was 11-7 Angels. The Orioles rallied and won on a 3 run homer (or was it foul) by Mike Devereaux. The ball may have hit the foul pole, which would have made it a fair ball home run. Or maybe it didn't which meant that it was foul. To this day, the replays are inconclusive. But it was a great game and a great date.

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