Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dispatch from my vacation, part 3

After a beautiful morning at a beautiful beach,

I had to ruin it by playing golf. The course was hard, in bad condition, and winds were blowing in the 20 to 30 mph range. And for the first 9 holes, I was worse than the course.
This is the only 18 hole course on Curacao and it is very picturesque. I wanted to quit after 9 but persisted. Happily, I improved on the back 9. Still not great, but I guess I'll keep trying.

Here's some pictures courtesy of the missus (who also golfed):

This is from on the green of a par 3 looking back at the tee area. Its up there beside that shed. I was so intimated that I knowingly selected too strong a club and hit it past the green.

Here I am swinging. If anyone out there can see what I'm doing wrong, please tell me.

This is the 18th hole. Quite nice. I got a 5 on it. Yay me!

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