Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dispatch from my vacation, volume IV

I went tilting at windmills today and wound up surrounded by a pack of angry dogs.

In the morning, we went to the western most point on the island. It was very peaceful and quite a dramatic landscape.

In the afternoon, on request of my wife, we turned down an isolated road in order to get photos of the windmill farm here in Curacao. After about a half mile or so, the road went from paved to dirt and started leading away from where the windmills were. We drove another quarter of a mile or so when 5 small to medium sized dogs came running out barking. They circled our car as I tried to drive through. They were very loud and angry. I remember thinking that if I hit one of them that it would ruin both our days. I made it through but unfortunately we had to turn around and go right back through them to return to the main road. I slowly made it through again and avoided hitting any and they did not manage to overturn the car.
I then learned a trick from a local. Once I was through the pack, the most determined of the dogs kept chase. He cut in front of the car and I stopped. When he finally moved, I drove through. By that time, a pickup truck was behind me. When the dog started to approach the truck, the driver simply pointed the truck at the dog and kept driving. The dog got out of the road very quickly.

The coral formations overlooking the sea brought to mind the Police song "Walking On the Moon" so I snapped this photo of Karen.

And of course, today's lunch, crab salad served at the Porto Mari Beach Club.

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