Saturday, June 2, 2007

My golf game

You would have thought I hit rock bottom when I heckled myself on my own blog, but I will now attempt to descend even further with a post about my golf game.
Aargh!! I'm not getting any better. I honestly am not scoring better than I did 2 years ago even though I golf weekly. I can hit better shots. I can drive the ball further. But I'm always doing something to mess myself up.
I've joined a league in which I compete with a partner against another 2 person team. I have found out that in addition to being a poor golfer, I am definitely an extremely poor pressure golfer. I have missed more easy putts in my 4 matches than I had in over a year's worth of regular play.

I've started playing a new course for me, Gunpowder Golf Course in Laurel, MD. Its a decidedly low budget place but gosh, I like it. It is very hilly and has many interesting holes. Unfortunately it is not the best maintained course which is to be expected by its low prices. But I love the layout and the varied holes. I'm having a devil of a time with the par 3's all of which call for shots over a canyon of some sort. Its got a low course rating of 110, but is plenty challenging enough for me. Plus I can walk right on and play. One secret though, if its over 90 degrees, get a cart.
It joins Bowie CC, Glenndale, and Greendale in my regular rotation.

Each of the past 3 years have had the same pattern. In March and April, I show real potential for improvement and shoot my best scores. But as the summer wears on, my game declines. In late March on my Texas trip, I finally broke 50 for a 9 hole round and shot a 102. I could almost taste the '90s. But that has been the high point. I'm scheduled for 2 afternoons of lessons in a couple of weeks. Maybe that will be the thing to move me down into the double digits.

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