Monday, October 29, 2007

Concert Review

Kelly Clarkson at the DAR Constitution Hall, Oct. 24

Yes I went to this concert in the role of escort to a 12 year old girl. But even if I'd gone on my own, I would have to say: good concert! Kelly and her band did an excellent job throughout, overcoming the typically muddy sound quality of Constitution Hall. She was very personable and gracious in her between songs comments and pointed me to a youtube video of "drunk Kelly". This preceded her performing one of the evening's highlights "Chivas Instead". She sang this ode to a crappy former boyfriend to an acoustic guitar accompaniment and delivered it with a voice and manner that indicated that she could be a hell of a blues singer if she wished. The other highlight for me was her second song "Behind These Hazel Eyes" in which she and her band truly shone. It was one of those "wow, great performance" moments. The band rocked and the audience was on its feet throughout. Good job, Kel. We love you.

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AM Kingsfield said...

Do you think she's the best thing out of American Idol?