Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October musings

Baseball playoff thoughts: Go Rockies! I was in Denver the last weekend in September and attended their must win game on Saturday night. This was the first of 3 consecutive win or go home games for the Rockies. They won in fine fashion 11-1 and I had a great time at the stadium with my old friends Martin and Jim and about 40000 new friends.

Yankees are out! Yay. I hate the evil empire. Next up: get rid of the Red Sox. I lived in Boston for 3 years in the '60s and rooted for the Red Sox for 20 years. I transferred my allegiance to the Orioles in 1989 and haven't looked back. The Sox and their fans annoy me now.

My golf game is getting better! I regularly reach "Dan Par" (54 per 9 holes) and am getting tantalizingly close to breaking 100. I still have some brain dead moments, but overall, I'm a much better player than I was on August 5. I've got a golf trip with the buddies in Jacksonville scheduled for November and that will be a chance for me to shine. Or to revert to my miserable ways and leave me muttering and swearing.

I'm filled with a sense of awe when I watch my daughter ice skate. She's so graceful! She didn't inherit that from either of her parents. Also, its the first activity that she's been involved with that she's done for herself, not for us and I like that. No nagging necessary, she works at it on her own!

The Wizards open their pre-season schedule against the hated Cleveland Cavaliers. I'm cautiously optimistic about my beloved Wizards this year. I'm hoping for 45 wins and a second round playoff appearance.


Maddy said...

Tempted to mutter and swear! Think 'om' thoughts, or alternatively visualize those skates and that feeling instead.
Best wishes

iamnot said...

Sorry Dan...