Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Commercials

So are you tired of jewelry store commercials? I hate 'em and am so sick of them.
On the radio, the Shaw's Jewelry commercial with the man talking to his friend about his gift of earrings while the woman talks to hers about it runs constantly. "How did he know about Shaw's?" asks the stunned female friend. "How would an idiot male be able to find a jewelry store?" is the mental translation I perform. "My Dad" says the man, "actually my mom told my dad". Even an older male is incapable of knowing about a jewelry store. Luckily Mom is there to rescue the hapless males.
But I guess the women in the commercial don't fare so well. They're portrayed as passive, simple, and greedy. Stunned into silence by a couple of baubles.

Nearly as bad is "He went to Jarred". Entire restaurants and family gatherings are sent into a tizzy because some random guy found his way to Jarred Jewelry store.

Then there's Zales Jewelry Store that features this song *:

Its fine the first time. But like John Mellencamp's "This is My Chevy" I mean "This is Our Country", by the 1000th time you hear it, you want to run your head into the nearest brick wall.

"Every Kiss Begins With Kay"? Enough with that annoying jingle.

Please release me. Bah, Humbug!

* The song is A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.


AM Kingsfield said...

I'm with you Dan!
I hate the unrealistic expectation it gives men of how I might respond. I'm not going to cry over jewelry. In fact, I am morally opposed to diamonds, not that I don't like jewelry. Jewelry is just very personal. I don't want to have the same necklace as 100 women in town either.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%, I am so sick of hearing these annoying ads on the radio, I get bombarded by Shaws, Jareds and Kay Jewelry ads every 20 minutes on my drive to and from work.

Shaws is the worst.
Straaaight to the heart, Shaws Jewelers...ooooooh oooh ooooooooooh.

I swear I want to find the singers of these songs and smack them upside the head. I refuse to show at any of these stores because of their annoying, cheesy ads.