Thursday, November 29, 2007

higher education + gender

Is This a Vanishing Scene??

I was perusing my most recent alumni magazine when I came across an article about the diversity of this year's entering freshman class. The article noted that 57% of the incoming class were women. I find this quite disturbing. Doing the math, this means that only 43% were men. Certainly if the numbers were reversed, it would be portrayed as a problem and an injustice. But this is happening without any major outcry.

What's happening with our secondary school system? Why aren't boys going to college anymore? Are boys applying in the same percentage as girls but not being accepted at the same rate? Are they being properly prepared? Don't we want to fix this? Shouldn't we have an education summit in which we might address this problem and come up with some solutions? Have some of the changes in the way we educate in the past 20 years had a disproportionately bad effect on boys? In the future, when we refer to "coeds" will we be talking about men? Who are the college women going to date? Doesn't this trend have broad (no pun intended) future societal implications?

Am I the only one who thinks this is an issue?

Or are women just smarter?

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