Saturday, November 24, 2007

More music!!!

I love to dabble with some of the features of blogging, like the jukebox on the right. That jukebox is a pain to set up, thus I don't update it much. I was doing a little research on embedding music files in my blog similar to embedding youtube videos and came across a bigger music fan than myself, the Blue Chair.
He's got a cooler job than I do plus he's got a link to a nice music site, You can search for songs and create a playlist of those songs. You can also browse and play other people's playlists. There's a ton of songs available although some are mislabeled (listen to the one marked "Meet Me at Mary's Place" by Sam Cooke) and others are just 30 second samples. So its not perfect. Unfortunately there isn't a way to embed the playlist on the blog page, but maybe some day soon.
So click on the More Songs I Like link to the right or right here to hear my current playlist. It took me a bit to figure out that I should search for music I don't already own, so some of it will seem like the same old stuff that I post as songs of the day.
By all means, set up your own playlist and let me know the link. I'll listen, I promise. Its the least I can do for those of you who take the time to listen to my songs of the day.

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