Friday, December 7, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

My Christmas shopping is done. I told my wife about the "12 Plays of Christmas" promotion on "my" sports radio station. This features pretty good prizes and they accumulate each day so that you win a prize for your day plus all of the previous prizes. It works like this: in the morning, they air the "call" of a big sports play that occurred this year. Then in the afternoon, at the specified time, you have to call in and identify the play.
Not only did I tell her about the promotion, but I graciously told her the play (Barry Bonds hitting his 756th home run) from the morning show. This afternoon she called and yes, she won. Its only the second day, so there were only 2 prizes: a fancy pen and a $100 gift certificate to a day spa. Not bad, though. Lots of guys wouldn't have been so thoughtful. I am indeed a special husband.