Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol Report

This week the contestants have to sing songs from the year of their birth. Let's see how it goes!

Ramiele Malubay - 1987
Alone by Heart
Ramielle has been somewhat of a disappointment thus far. Are those shorts she's wearing? Not doing so well on the chorus. I'm not sold on this one. Grade: C+

Jason Castro - 1987
Fragile by Sting
Its kind of an obscure song. Kind of a boring song. But I think that about most of Sting's songs. Jason is doing an ok job I guess but the song doesn't fit this format and is not one that highlight's one's vocal talents. Grade: B- . Simon was spot on with his description of Jason's performance being the equivalent of a busker outside of the subway.

Sayesha Mercado -1987
If I were Your Woman by Gladys Knight
1987 again! I don't like the start. She needs the Pips back there. I don't like the arrangement and the instrumentation seems off somehow. She's singing with emotion, but I don't think its a good performance. Grade: B-.
Obviously, I think Randy and Paula's praise are excessive. Once again, Simon is on target.

Chikezie -1985
Chikezie has been strong the last 2 weeks. Lets see what he's got this week.
If Only For One Night
opens with a falsetto. You know I like that. Shows courage. I don't like the song though and he seems pitchy and tentative in places. Overall, I prefer him on faster songs than on ballads. Just doesn't sound quite right to me. I do think the last 30 seconds were ok though. Grade: B-

Brooke White - 1983
Every Breath You Take by the Police
Ooops, a false start.
I think that if she were not playing the piano, that this would come across as a much weaker performance. Kinda mediocre for me. Her singing just isn't that good this week. I'm not sure about this year's cast. I watched last week's episode on TIVO and didn't feel that anyone shone then either. Grade: C+

Michael Johns -1978 (old guy)
We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions by Queen
OK I guess, but I don't think much of the song choice(s). By choosing songs by someone so unique and charismatic, he comes across more as a Freddie Mercury impersonator than an artist in his own right. Still its ok. Grade: B

Carly Smithson - 1983
Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler
Been there, done that. This song has been done in previous years on Idol. Wish she picked something else. Actually, I think the backup singer sounds really good. I guess this is a good choice for a belter, but her performance is good, not grade. Grade: B

David Archuletta - 1990
You're the Voice - John Bonham
Don't like the song. I guess its a good performance but I think its a bit overdone. Actually, its growing on me a bit. Probably the best performance of the night so far. Grade: B+

Kristy Lee Cook -1984
God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood
Ooh, bad choice. One of those overly done patriotic songs. I'm not unpatriotic but I always felt this song was overly dramatic and pompous in nature. Eh, ok I guess. Much better than "Eight Days a Week" that she did 2 weeks ago. Grade: B

David Cook -1982
Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
I'm not fond of the arrangement thus far. If you're going to completely change the sound so that the only recognizable part of the song is the lyrics, what's the point? Is it even the same song? Still he does a very good job. Best performance of the night. But I wonder whose arrangement it really was. He similar in his approach to Chris Daughtrey, but I like David better. Grade: A

So am I grumpy tonight or were they not particularly good? Picking good songs is tough, but come on. Lets do a better job of it.

1. David Cook
2. David Archuletta
3. Carly Smithson
4. Michael Johns
5. Jason Castro
6. Chikezie
7. Brooke White
8. Sayesha Mercado
9. Kristy Lee Cook
10. Ramiele Malubay

Who should go home: Ramiele
Who will go home: Ramiele

Kristy's decision to go patriotic moves her out of last place.

Interesting, in stark contrast to last year, the men are dominating this year.

The ratings are a hybrid of my opinion combined with my perception of how the voting will go. And mostly they just reflect how I feel tonight.

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