Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American Idol Report

American Idol Report, April 8

Michael Johns
Dream On by Aerosmith, Good choice of songs though I'm not convinced that its inspirational. I think he has some bad note issues at the start but he's nailing the chorus. Is he going to do the real high “dream ons”, yup there it is. Good job, good song choice. Grade B+
Randy doesn't make much sense with his criticism. Paula says he was unbelievable. Not really. Simon makes sense of course.

Syesha Mercado
I Believe by Fantasia
I think its ok, but I still don't think Syesha is a great singer. She's got the look and mannerisms but something's missing. I'm not sure exactly what. It was fine, it does have that “inspirational” sound. Grade: B-

Jason Castro
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
He's doing a gimicky version of the song. I've heard the original arrangement on the show “Scrubs” which was good. Same old Jason. Pleasant but unexciting. Nothing outstanding in his voice. So mellow that I'm sleep typing right this second. Randy's crazy. Hot? Its impossible to describe it that way in my eyes. Grade: B-

Commercial break: Is nothing sacred? Meatloaf is using his classic “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights” to sell cell phones.

Kristy Lee Cook
I think she's making a wise choice to go as sappy as possible. I'm not sold by her mediocre country sound. Sure it may be her best performance but she's still not as good as the rest. Grade: B-

David Cook
Innocent by Our Lady Peace
I don't believe I know this song. Dave's letting the beard grow. Looks like the fashion staff has got hold of him. Slow start. Looks a little awkward without his guitar. I don't like the song and I think his vocals aren't great on this. Especially the slow gruff parts. Sorry Dave, but not great this week. Grade: B-
Simon's description of “pompous” right on target.

Carly Smithson
The Show Must Go On by Queen
Another strange choice. Once again I'll repeat, doing Queen isn't wise. Plus its not even a good queen song. Kind of a militaristic chorus and strange melody. How she would consider this tune to be inspirational is beyond me. Ooh, some bad notes too. I've liked Carly up til now, but this was bad. Grade: C-
Simon is once again on target with the description of the song as “angry”. Yeah, she could be in trouble because this was the worst performance of the night.

David Archuletta
Lets see what inspires David.
The way he talks make me think he's not picking a song he's heard before. Sounds like he's going through a list and picking it, not like he's picking one that has personally inspired him. The song is called “Angels”. I don't think he sounds good on the verses. His “big voice” is good, but the regular notes are not. He does redeem himself a bit on the chorus, still I'm not loving it. Grade: B
What's with Randy? Hottest of the season? Even Simon? Great Song? Well I didn't love it, but he will move forward.

Brooke White
You've Got A Friend by Carol King
A very nice song although a bit of an obvious choice. Her opening is not very smooth. Her voice is not sounding good. My feeling is that its not a difficult song to sing but I don't think Brooke is doing it well. Very high school to me. Maybe because I was in high school when this song was out. She seems hesitant and shaky. So I'm going to give it a C+.
Paula: You're definitive and I love you. Brooke: I love you too. (??) Weird. Brooke, stay quiet while they're speaking. Paula was using the phrase “love you” to mean “I love your performances”, not you personally.

You know I'm not that impressed with this year's cast. I wouldn't buy an album from any of them. Oh well, I do love to judge them though.

1.David Archuletta
2.David Cook
3.Michael Johns
4.Jason Castro
5.Carly Smithson
6.Syesha Mercado
7.Brooke White
8.Kristy Lee Cook

Bottom 3: Carly Smithson, Kristy Lee Cook, Brooke White
Who should go home: Kristy
Who will go home: Kristy

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