Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Song of the Day

I Don't Want To Lose the Feeling by the Pranks (click to listen)

My friends at Not Lame Records
have sent me 2 new "free" power pop cds. All I had to do was order a book named "Shake Some Action, the Ultimate Power Pop Guide". Looks like a great book with lots of best of lists that will give me tons of artists and songs to track down over the next few months.
I love power pop as do the Not Lame folks. What is it? I think of jangly guitars, nice melodies, and often but not always a sugary vocal. Here's a better description by Robbie Rist in the forward of the book:

The music you're reading about is the stuff of that first tentative kiss, a summer you will never forget, walking up to a complete stranger and saying hello. It's happiness, sadness, giddiness, and silliness, all gussied up in a package that at first seems childlike and simple, but upon closer examination is complex to describe - and believe me, even harder to write.

According to the liner notes, this song is a previously unreleased cut from the late '70s, featuring Jeffrey Foskett. Never heard of him or the band, but of course, I like the song. Visit Not Lame and order something.

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