Sunday, May 4, 2008

Feelin' like a loser

I went looking for Beck's "Loser" to post as song of the day, but alas, its not in my collection. Between my Wizards getting knocked out of the NBA playoffs and the sorry state of my golf game, that would be the appropriate way to sum up my feelings this beautiful weekend. I attended game 6 of the Wizards series against Lebron James and the rest of the hated Cleveland Cavaliers which we lost in a blow out. Fair enough, but I've hated the national coverage of this series. The Wizards have been portrayed as trash talkin', cheap shottin' thugs in contrast to the angelic Lebron and his equally angelic teammates. Cavs coach Mike Brown has been telling the media repeatedly that the Wizards were trying to injure his dainty 6'9, 260 pound superstar. And the media has been buying it. Lebron also played his part using every bit of his acting ability to flop and fall and cry and whine in order to get favorable calls from the officials. The Cavaliers were called for just as many flagrant fouls as the Wizards (2) but that fact was never noted. Clips of Lebron being fouled were played over and over on ESPN and TNT. But the film of Lebron punching Andre Blache in the face with his forearm was rarely shown. Of course, this flagrant foul wasn't called a flagrant foul until 11 days after the fact. Then to cap it off, the Wizards quietest and mildest mannered player, Darius Songaila, was suspended for accidental (my opinion) contact made with Lebron as they tried to untangle. It is quite a double standard in the NBA when it comes to stars vs. role players. Not to get too Hillary Clinton on you, but the NBA working class really has a beef with management. Anyway, we lost to the biggest baby in the NBA who also happens to be quite skilled. Wait til next year, I guess.
And I'm embarrassed by how long I have golfed without a whole lot of improvement. I played yesterday and wanted to quit after 10 holes. I just don't get better, even with lessons and practice. From round to round, I will do some things well but am never able to put it all together. Its an embarrassment to me and I'm not sure what to do. Oh well, I'm playing tomorrow. Maybe that's when I put it all together.

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