Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Current Project

So although I'm very lazy, when I must work, I prefer yard work to house work. I'm not sure why but I suspect that the major reason is that I can often use the weather as an excuse not to work. "Can't mow the lawn, too wet", "Too hot to do yard work. Guess I'll play golf instead.", etc.
I've never been a plant person and as such, I had fallen for the politically correct propaganda that plants and trees are our friends. But I learned, as anyone who has owned a home for over 5 years can attest, that nature, left to its own devices, will devour you. Which brings me to my current outdoor project. Our yard is ringed by about 15 evergreen trees that have reached 30 feet tall. They're great for shade and privacy but have gotten out of hand. One tree died a couple years ago and was toppled earlier this spring during a storm. Dealing with the toppled tree opened my eyes to how wild the other trees have grown. So, although I know nothing about plants and trees, I have taken on tree pruning as my project this spring. Actually, mission is a more proper term than project. I have decided that all branches on all of the trees that are eye level or below, must be eliminated. Is this good for the trees? I have no idea. Is it good for my psyche? Absolutely. I love the lopping and sawing. Guess I'm still a little boy as I would rather tear something down than build something up. I start pruning and very quickly I develop a personal grudge against the low hanging branches. It gives me great satisfaction seeing them topple. And I think it looks better too. One thing for sure, don't let me cut your hair. I start with the intention of "just a trim" and end up giving them a crew cut. The only problem is that each hour of pruning, creates 2 hours of clearing work. My only hope is that the wood chipper that my father in law is going to let us borrow will be a labor saver. Observe:
And This:

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MarkEC said...

Wow.. that looks like a big project... I need to do something like that.. but they are my neighbor's trees... think they would mind? ;-)