Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

A nice father's day column from Jeanne Marie Laksas here.

Jeanne Marie is my mom's name and spelled identically, so I make sure to read her column each week.
I hope I'm doing an ok job as a dad. If its true that 90% of success in life is in just showing up, then I'm doing fine with that part. I am around even if the other 10% is a complete mystery.
Its getting tougher with a "tween" daughter. I'm trying, but we're both adopting new roles, so there's a lot of trial and error involved. I'm doing my part by giving her lots of "my dad is so lame" material to share with her friends. Maybe my dream of being a comedy writer will reach fruition with an audience of 13 years olds. Can my daughter give the material the right delivery though?
And watching my son become taller than me wasn't the moment of pride I expected. Instead, it was a reminder of my mortality and seems like a push to move me out of the spotlight, such as it is. Out of my way, Old Man!
But its cool. And fun, most of the time.

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