Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Golfing Misadventures

Faithful readers know that I'm a very bad golfer who plays a lot yet never gets better. I've been playing in a league this year in which 2 person teams compete against one another. Ordinarily it would be crazy for someone as bad as me to compete against the best golfers at my place of employment. Ahh, but golf is a compassionate sport. We get to use handicaps that give us poor golfers a head start. And this head start makes it possible for me to compete evenly against golfers who are tons better than me.
So my partner and I did fairly well during the regular season and surprisingly found ourselves solidly in the playoffs. The top 16 out of 36 teams make it. We were seeded 8th. Unbelievable. And a bit of a fluke.
But the amazing thing now that the playoffs are here is that, even though I'm terrible, we've been winning. We're in the semifinals!! Final 4, baby!
Most of it has been due to the heroic efforts of my partner, who yesterday made 3 great shots on the last 3 holes to give us the victory. I haven't been playing particularly well and have actually lost my individual matches but I have come up with some critically important good holes to enable us to win the team portion of the matches.
So its amazing. Each week our opponents shake our hands, wish us good luck, and walk off shaking their heads, thinking no doubt "how could we lose to those guys?".
And today it hit me. I'm the Sanjaya of the golf league. How is it that someone with my obvious lack of talent keeps hanging around while my betters are sent home? Its either the hair or the handicap system. I'm not sure which. Just 2 more matches to go! Wish me luck.

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