Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Song of the Day

Pretty In Pink by the Psychedelic Furs (click to listen)
first heard this song done by my favorite early '80s Blacksburg, Va. band Nasty Habits (later named the Twist). They introduced me to several excellent new wave bands and songs back then such as U2 (I heard their version of "I Will Follow" long before the "real" one) and Billy Idol. This was the one number that the bass player got to sing. Later on, John Hughes made a movie with this title and I think included the song on the soundtrack. That movie featured Molly Ringwald (of course) and Andrew McCarthy as the hunky love interest. Jon Cryer played the nerdy friend. He now plays the nerdy brother on "2 and a Half Men". Word is that the original ending had Molly ending up with the nerdy friend, but test audiences didn't like that, so they had her go with the hunk.
Anyway, this is a good one by the P-Furs and Nasty Habits/the Twist were a wonderful band back in the day.

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greeny said...

I love this song and always feel nostalgic when I hear it.