Sunday, March 8, 2009

Internet Age Question

Do you still write down every checking account transaction in your checkbook? Do you "balance" your checkbook?
As of today, I've stopped writing it all down in the checkbook register. What's next? Giving up my newspaper home delivery? I'm getting close to that also, which is horrible news for the newspaper industry, cuz I've always been a newspaper guy.

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just me said...

I do write them down, even if they're electronic payments. DH does not know the password to our online banking account, and I'd want him to be able to see it in an emergency. Also, I don't always have access to my computer to check my balance. (My mom was a bookkeeper, so I'm a bit compulsive on this subject.)

And as a former newspaper ad rep, PLEASE don't cancel your subscription! Times are hard enough as it is.