Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Song of the Day

Get It On by Chase (click to listen)
This is my tribute to the NCAA basketball tournament, aka March Madness.
Typically, friends and I arrange to meet at one of the sites during the first or second weekend of the tournament to attend the games. I counted and I've attended the tournament 10 different times now. Attending the first day of the tournament is a grueling endurance test and should only be attempted by the fittest of basketball aficionados. 4 full games. And more importantly for this post, 8 different pep bands. I always get a kick out of observing the bands and the bandleaders (who appear to be arrested adolescents attempting to relive their college days) and I do enjoy the music somewhat. But there are only so many marching band songs and by the 4th game, you've heard a lot of repeats. But I can never hear this one too much!
This song came out during my high school days and is a band classic. Its a very cool song with a dramatic tension that builds in order to be released by the cool nuh, nuh, nuh,nuh, nuh musical chorus.
Love it.
By the way, I have no idea who's gonna win it all.

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