Saturday, February 20, 2010

My political post

Over the past 20 years or so, I've pretty much become a political agnostic. Or perhaps contrarian is a better description of me when it comes to political discourse. I don't like to discuss politics and I become offended if someone assumes that I have identical views as them or becomes offended to find that I don't. As an analytical person, I don't think either side does a good job of identifying the actual problems nor providing solutions to those problems. When surrounded by a “consensus” from either side, I tend to analyze and become sympathetic to the other point of view, if only for the duration of the conversation.
Anyway, one thing that I have noticed from political junkies on both sides is that the great majority of their attention and energy are spent on the words and actions of the other side. They are not looking for answers and solutions. They are simply looking for reasons to become indignant and angry. They are more interested in politics than government. There's no discussion from these political junkies about what to do about Iran or North Korea, or the actual causes of the health care crisis, the goals that we should set when trying to improve or replace the current system. Instead, its “Did you hear what O'Reilly and Rush said? “ and “That Olberman needs to shut up. And what about Obama's pastor?”
So I have a request for all of you political junkies on both sides out there. Next time you speak or write about politics, ignore the other side. Say nothing about the opposition and their backward and offensive beliefs. Don't question their motives. Instead, address the issue(s) at hand as you see them and offer positive solutions/commentary. Tell me your viewpoint without referring to those “idiots” who disagree with you. Explain your reasoning and how it will solve the given problem. Don't worry about explaining to me how stupid and offensive the other side is. I'll be able to figure it out. Believe me, this is more likely to persuade me to your side than an attack on the intelligence of those who disagree with you will. Isn't that what governing is supposed to be about?

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