Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Song of the Day

South Central Rain (I'm Sorry) by R.E.M.

So. Central Rain (I_m Sorry) from

This is one of those boring "they were a lot better before they became popular" stories. I became an R.E.M fan based on their second album, titled "Reckoning". I loved the jangly guitars and enjoyed Michael Stipe's mumbled singing. I've continued liking them even as they became popular and successful. So its not really one of those "they were a lot better before they became popular" stories, but truth be told, I prefer their early stuff. One cool thing I once did was see R.E.M at a club in Newcastle, England in the summer of 1985. I also saw them at the 3000 seat Constitution Hall here in DC and at the late 20000 seat Capital Center. On a separate note, today is my lovely daughter's 15th birthday. She's into music and knows far more about 21st century stuff than I do. I gave her cds by Thirty Seconds From Mars and the Arctic Monkeys for her birthday. Hope she enjoys them and lets me know if she thinks I'd like them. Cause I'm too old to listen to anything new unless I have a guarantee that I'll like them.

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