Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Song of the Day

Louisiana by Randy Newman
In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. This song was actually written in about 1975 and references a flood of 1927 but still seems mighty apt. Its from Randy Newman's somewhat profane and irreverent concept album about the South "Good Old Boys". I remember first hearing it at a record store in Tanglewood Mall in the big city, Roanoke, when Ricky Alcorn and I skipped school and hung out in Roanoke for the day. Its a great album but contains much to offend just about everyone. In fact, when Aaron Neville covered this song, he used the word "farmer" instead of Newman's original "cracker". Which basically nullifies the entire point of the original lyric which shows the casual contempt toward the common folk by the President (Coolidge or Bush or whomever happens to be in office) and the official world of Washington.

Louisiana from

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