Sunday, February 3, 2013

Practice Post

Watching the Super Bowl, frustrated by a balky computer printer. Did the taxes and found that we will owe significant coinage. Gonna put 'em away til April I guess. When I'm frustrated, the team I want to win starts playing badly. Why is that? I suppose it could be the other way around.
I want the Ravens to win although I dislike Ray Lewis. But looks like they may be blowing it. Started watching "The Good Wife" on DVD. OK, not great or transcendent. Saw "Lincoln" last week. Good movie. I have played some golf occasionally over the winter. Still very little improvement in my game. 49ers touchdown. Darn. Can tie it with a 2 point conversion. No good.
Larry King used to write a column for USA Today. It was like this. Stream of conscious crap. But this is just a practice post designed to get me back into the art of blog writing.
Listen to my radio station when you get a chance: DanPop . It's good!!

More later. Take care!!


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