Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Wizards Writings

Wow, I’m humbled. I have tried to convey the enjoyment I derive from following this year’s version of the Washington Wizards basketball team. I never can quite do the subject justice. In my blog searching, I have come across a Wizards fan blog call freeDarko.com. The blog is of course named after Darko Milicec, the second pick in the draft who has been a major flop. Anyway, the writing is great. I’m so impressed by how good this guy can write. Here’s a sample:

On the ugly new gold uniforms that the Wizards sometimes where on the road:

Okay, Wizards. Here's what I find so fascinating about this team, which is probably just an extension of my Arenas experience. On any team more straight-faced about swag or intensity or flash, those gold jerseys would be a miserable mistake. With this merry bunch, however, they're almost an ironic, ludicrous statement of purpose. We want to be the team that rocks gold lame uniforms. And gets away with it, in part because being in on a joke is what makes us soar.

And on our love for the team despite their obvious shortcomings:

Actually, what I meant to say was that failure with the Wizards, and Arenas in particular, is a mightily complex thing. Arenas, and the team as a whole, don't just alternate between good and bad, on and off, useful and impaired. To my (admittedly biased) eyes, they're either playoff-worthy or absolutely inept. Arenas goes from superstar to the dowdy benchwarmer his appearance initially suggests; the team as a whole from explosive to clueless. Granted, I'm a little stuck on this after seeing them flounder without Jamison, and Arenas get mixed up about exactly what the Lakers were consistently giving him. Still, I believe this is part of what makes the Wizards so lovable, and at the same time such a maddening love to cradle.

“such a maddening love to cradle” – what a great phrase. I have added freeDarko.com to my links on the right.

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