Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dispatch from my vacation

I'm posting from an airport hotel in Raleigh, NC. We arrived here about 10 PM and will be flying to Curacao (lucky us) at 1:30. Child number 1 was dropped off at camp yesterday. This is his 6th year at Camp Greentop and he seems to really enjoy it. He appears quite comfortable and "at home" there. Its emotional and touching for us to arrive at camp and see the counselors all happy and eager to work with special needs kids. We're very grateful to them. If you're looking for a charity to give a few dollars to, try the League for People With Disabilities. They run Camp Greentop and many programs in Baltimore and are a worthwhile organization.
We were driving for less than 2 hours before I missed Kevin. One of his favorite songs came on ("Boom,Boom,Boom" by the Iguanas) and of course I went "Aww, this is one of Kevin's favorites".
We drop child number 2 off today. My kids have reached the age where they are truly individuals. Its strange to see that there are some things in life that they do better than me. My daughter is interested in a counselor in training position at a day camp and sent an email about it and followed up with a phone call. I still don't have the nerve to do phone calls like that. As a result, she's got the job. I bought a craft book for my son. As I was looking at it, I said to myself "There are too many directions to follow. Its too hard". Then I realized that he is much better at reading and interpreting these types of directions than I am, so I bought him the book.
Oops. Maybe I'm not revealing how talented my kids are. Maybe I'm letting it slip how limited my skills are. Oh well. I've managed to live with my phone phobia and "some assembly required" phobia so far. And now I've got my kids to do these things for me.

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