Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sunday Song of the Day

See You At the Lights by the 1990s (click to listen)

I've been doing a lot of oldies, so here's something new. I received an email offer from my online power pop source Not Lame Records available only to special customers like me for a free CD called "Skinny Tie Hell" containing old school ('80s) new wave/power pop gems. All I had to do was to order something. Well of course I'll spend $15 to get something for free. So after listening to some music samples on the web site, I selected the 1990s. This is a pretty good one. Maybe I'll post a song from the Skinny Tie album this week also. Wow, I'm listening to the album for the first time as I'm posting this and an outstanding song just came on. It is excellent!! Rather than replacing the original song, I'll post a bonus:

Weed by the 1990s (click to listen) This is outstanding!

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