Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Song of the Day

Stood Up by John Hiatt (click to listen)

While we're on the subject of my favorites, my favorite all time album is "Bring the Family" by John Hiatt. Its an intensely personal album for him that had real meaning to me. It came out in 1987 which was, for me, a challenging year. It has dual themes. The first is the redemptive power of love and family. The second is covered in this song. This is probably the only album that I can say has personally affected me. It helped me learn to be a grown up.

Another postscript: John Hiatt is one of the best live performers that I have seen. He's the only one who is as good solo as with a band. Make it a point to see him if he comes to your town.

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greeny said...

oh, my I loved this so much. It is a very intense song and I think I would like more of it. I may try and find some to download and I will take this as a starter. Thanks for sharing.