Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Song of the Day

Look So Fine, Feel So Low by Paul Kelly (click to listen)
If you were to ask me who my favorite musician is, after a long monologue about how I can't pick just one artist, I'd end up saying Paul Kelly. Here's one of his. Check out his site for some free downloads or to order a CD.

PostScript: Paul Kelly has been touring his native Australia doing a show format in which he performs in an alphabetical format, singing a song or two starting with each letter. He's now offering free mp3 downloads in the same fashion. Each month he's posting a couple of songs for each letter. There are now 3 "A" songs available at his Website. Its a good start but sounds like they're performed in an unplugged manner. For a good overview, buy "Songs From the South" which is a greatest hits package.

Also check out my song of the day from Feb. 23, 2007: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.

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