Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Road Less Travelled

Which of the 2 types of driver are you? I don't mean good or bad because we're all good drivers. At least we all say we are. I mean given a choice of routes, which do you take? The obvious, direct route on the major roads? Or do you take the back roads?
I'm a meanderer. Given a choice, I'll always pick the back way. My wife's a direct route taker. I get annoyed(and secretly pleased) when she chooses the boring beltway and ends up in a traffic jam because everyone goes that way. She gets bugged when I take the back way and end up stopped at stop light after stop light. My biggest triumph was finding a back way home from work that consists of a total of 4 turns. Plus, in terms of distance, its a couple of miles shorter. There is a downside though. The route straddles the DC/PG border and by the time I figured out that the flash of light that I would occasionally encounter about halfway home was a District of Columbia Speeding enforcement camera, I had amassed 4 (!!) speeding tickets. Fortunately the car is in my wife's name, so my good reputation persists. Since I've been a kid, I've always enjoyed going for rides with (in Chuck Berry's words) "no particular place to go". I'm always curious about where a road goes. Yeah, I admit, usually it takes longer. But its more fun for me.

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