Sunday, July 13, 2008

Speaking of gooses

Yesterday, I played golf at Bowie Country Club (not nearly as fancy as it sounds) and while I'm a gentle person at heart, I wouldn't mind seeing perhaps 75% of the resident goose population there, how do I put this nicely, poisoned. Uugh, they're disgusting creatures. I didn't think it was possible, but there's actually an animal more disgusting than a seagull. The one time that I golfed with a minister, I was not surprised that he used no profanity during his game. He was pretty good and I expected that he had learned how to avoid non-ministerial language even when golfing. The one surprising use of mild profanity came when he mentioned geese. Hey if a minister can dislike them, its ok for me to hate them also.
Speaking of golf, I just read an interview with Condaleeza Rice conducted at the AT&T Golf tournament held here in Washington recently. Forget politics, this was really upsetting. The interview was about her golf playing. Seems that she started golfing 3 years ago and is now shooting in the 90s. She only gets to golf once or twice a month though. So she's golfed for a shorter time than I have AND she golfs less than I do, but she's better than me? I can't stand it! When am I going to get better?

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