Thursday, August 28, 2008

Friday Song of the Day

Ain't Ever Going Back (click to listen)
John Hiatt has long been one of my favorite artists. His 1989 album "Bring the Family" remains my all time favorite. Its a very personal album that resonated deeply with me. In 2005, an inscription from his song "Have a Little Faith in Me" on an ipod help solve a crime wave in my home of Bowie, MD. You can read about that here. Yes, I'm related to the sleuth.
But like most long term (musical) relationships, the passion kind of waxes and wanes over time. Because of the familiarity, I occasionally feel like I might be over my love of Hiatt's music. But then a song of his will pop up on the ipod that makes me go "Wow!". This is one of those. It came on during random shuffle mode, and I ended up playing it 3 times in a row. Great song!

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