Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Song of the Day

The Breeze by Dr. Dog (click to listen)

I went to the Orioles-White Sox game last night in Baltimore. It was 2-0 after 2 batters and 6-0 after 3 innings plus I was on my own so it wasn't a whole lot of fun. One of the good things about making the 25 minute journey to Baltimore though is that Towson State University radio station WTMD starts coming in much clearer. They play good music from bands that I haven't heard before. You would think that wouldn't be so rare, but it is. Sure I could listen online here but its not the same as tuning it in on a summer night as you're driving down that lonesome road. Anyway I heard 2 bands that I liked, the first was during a local music segment feature a band that had just broke up named Georgie James and this one. This one was played as part of a syndicated public radio show called "Sounds Eclectic". Its a pretty cool song that turns a little psychedelic. And since I hadn't bought anything new recently especially any music thats been newly created, I went to Amazon and bought albums from these 2 bands. Sounds like a future post: the death of cd's plus the need for immediate gratification.

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