Thursday, December 11, 2008

Inner thoughts of a restaurant

Ever wonder what your waiter or waitress really thinks of you?
I was one of many who mistakenly received an email from a restaurant that I've visited about 3 times. This email contained an extract of their customer database. No credit card numbers, but it included names, email addresses, and best of all, comments about their customers. My name was in there but no comments about me.
Later we received a very humble email of apology for this mistaken email.
Me, I loved it. Here are some of the comments about customers contained in the database. I presume that various managers and servers entered them at one time or another. No names will be listed to protect the innocent.

With friends like this...
frequently a no show. steals silver

Is it me or are they drinking a lot?
start him out with a crown royal manhattan up, she drinks the same thing only in the winter. they like to take their time. do not rush them. 2 frangelico's after dinner always. likes unfiltered merlots DOES NOT LIKE BOOTHS!

Just a typical comment:
Calvados lover Like bread pudding Mrs. X likes baked halibut w/ basmati. They like Italian wines. He drinks sapphire and tonic. Bought them port and choc. on 10/5/

A tiny bit of sarcasm?
Suggests we consult an acoustical engineer because of our noise problem. WOW--why didn't we think of that???

I don't think pita refers to bread.
complained about how last time he came in he had to wait a half hour then was put in the back room and he wanted a booth. Said hes been coming here for 20 years and we should give him a booth when he comes in..........major major stuck up pita Complained again on 7/5

Edward was probably the one who entered the following:
customer suggested giving Edward a pay raise.....i strongly agree!

PITA Run late and rude VERY, VERY RUDE !!!

Its not all bad:
Great guests... like to take their time.... Ordered 88 Krug and Caviar.

I like this one:

Not LL, not mentally stable either Had a VERY bad experience on her birthday, 4/28. EVERYTHING was wrong AND she cried AGAIN!

Watch your voice:
Very loud on 11-9. Actually, just one woman with a loud, shrill voice. Several tables complained.

Nice one:
Always make room for them. Very nice couple. Their 1st time here was their 39th anniversary on 5/3. His fish was raw in the middle, he would not let me comp it b/c he said it was delicious. So I boght them a 1/2 btl of bubbly and dessert. They left gushing about us.

How's this for accommodating?
She brings in her own bottled water - doesn't want it chilled. That's why she brings in her own. Let's have unchilled btled water ready for her when they come in. She likes the small water glasses, also.

Everyone's a psycologist:
very particular... almost to the point of annoying... passive aggressive

An unexpected peek into the world of fine dining!


AM Kingsfield said...

How delightful! Twice recently I sent an e-mail to the wrong person. Embarrassing, but not too bad. I was lucky.

I clearly remember restaurant customers from 25 years ago: The Oatmeal Man, Crazy Charlie, the Fly, the Tuna with mayo on both sides guy. Only the strangest leave that lasting of an impression.

greeny said...

You frequent a place that has that kind of food and drink??! I'm living and eatin' in the sticks!

I love that run down, I think. What does PITA refer to or can you say it without getting a rap on your knuckles?

Dant said...

pain in the bee-hind.

Dant said...

pain in the bee-hind.