Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Song(s) of the Day

If I Could Start Today Again by Paul Kelly

Tip of My Tongue by John Hiatt

Today is theme day and the theme is "Oops, I wish I hadn't said THAT!".
Songs by 2 of my all time favorites. The version of Paul Kelly's song comes from an interesting collection. He has been posting free downloads each month with acoustic versions of his songs in an alphabetical fashion. Its a 2 year project where each month he posts some songs that begin with a particular letter. He is up to "L" songs now and I've gotten 63 free songs. Not many artists have a catalog so extensive that they could do such a project.
This is a beautiful version of a beautiful song.
The John Hiatt song comes from my all time favorite album, "Bring the Family".
As always, click on the picture to listen.

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